Test your luck

Double Your Promo Points Every day from 9am to 13pm playing at your CLUB CARD, you have a chance to double your promo points.

A dozen times in the day, there is a chance to hit three numbers that open a combination of prizes. The play location is randomly selected through the JACKPOT system, and only one player has the right to hit the combination when the option is opened. If you hit three numbers you won a prize of 30,000 rsd and more ... If none of the players hit three fasts for the first three days, the first number in the row is shown and you only have to hit the remaining two numbers. Get involved in the vault-participation tournament game with your CLUB CARD you always get more. Action only applies to SLOT APPLIANCE.

Each ACTIVE player is in the race for the ARMAGEDON JACKPOT, provided he has the correct bet (5 rsd or higher) and that his machine is activated (autoplay or constant manual revolutions).

The player will be considered inactive if the JACKPOT activation period is in the FREE BETS because the system can not recognize it as active at this time because of the betting of the bet during the free games.

Playing for the duration of the show is Never Late and gaining extra points